Because Success Isn't Determined By

Where You Live

Groove School is the only group coaching program that meets you where you're at, even if that happens to be in the middle of nowhere.

    Say goodbye to the laughable and trite advice you're used to hearing but find impossible to implement in your rural life.

    Discover real, honest, meaningful strategies to get your groove back and bloom where you're planted.

You're lonely, misunderstood, and you've spent enough time...

Shelving your dreams until the timing is better.

Knowing you're not living up to your full potential.

Diluting yourself to fit your environment.

And you are all-too-familiar with feeling:

  • Guilt. Because you should be grateful and yet, you still feel unfulfilled.
  • ​Afaid of what other people will say. It sounds like this: "But if I do _______ (fill in the blank with whatever wild-haired, unconventional, 'not how we do things around here' idea you want to pursue) people will think I'm ________." (Fill in this blank whatever would be the scariest, harshest word a person could use to describe you...perhaps "crazy" or "selfish".)
  • Stuck. Suffocated. Limited, somehow.

Questions You May Ask Yourself When You Lie in Bed at Night

(the only time you have a damn second to yourself to even think...)

  • Is this really all there is? (There has to be something more...right?)
  • Am I selling out?
  • Why do I constantly feel like I need more?
  • What was I really put here to do? (I know I'm capable of more...)
  • Am I the only one who feels like I don't fit in my rural surroundings?

Let me assure you:

You are not as crazy as you think you are.

It's Time To Invest in Yourself

So you can finally:

  • Show up with confidence
  • Be the example you want to be for your children (you do know they learn by watching, right?)
  • Only surround yourself with people that treat you well
  • Embrace "full-strength you"
  • Love people better. (As you improve your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others improve.)

You know that waiting until "the kids are gone" or "we move to a bigger town with more opportunities" is the wrong answer.

You want a full life now. You might even believe it's possible.

But There's Just One Teeny, Tiny Problem...

As amazing as it sounds to live a life that’s fulfilling and purposeful (especially when you're living in an isolated location with more animals than people) you question whether you can do it.

I’ll never lie to you: this is hard work. Finding the courage to be honest with yourself, admit your shortcomings, and take ownership of the results in your life is challenging, at best.

The Hang-Ups…

#1. You don't know "how". There is no shortage of advice out there. From manifesting to meditation, the power of positive thinking to the Law of Attraction, actually applying any of it seems next to impossible when you live in a town with only one stoplight, your reality of self-care is peeing alone, and you live more than an hour from the closest "city". (A town with a Target is considered a city.)

#2. You don't have time. Since you already feel overwhelmed and overloaded with things to do and schedules to keep, it seems next to impossible to carve out extra time.

#3. You don't have support. You can't shake the nagging self-doubt and certainty that everyone will criticize you. No one in your family gets it. Most people in your community don't get it. Hell, there are days people in your own home don't really get it.

So there are you, trying to live a big, bold, purposeful life in your little corner of the world while no one else around you seems as hellbent on chasing that kind of fulfillment.

Have you tried articulating your feelings about your lack of fulfillment to a friend over drinks, only to have them say something like...

  • “You’re thinking too hard about this.”
  • Doesn't your husband make enough money for you to stay home?” 
  • “Why don't you just wait with this until the kids are older?”

Oh, I’ve so been there (and still am, frankly).

 Believe me, I get it.

And that’s exactly why I created Groove School: the only group coaching program that offers simple, practical strategies you can apply in your life on your own terms with people who actually get it.

Here’s what members of Groove School get:

  • The professional expertise of a corporate development consultant combined with the personal development experience of a truth-telling, real-life mama that fights every day to keep herself on the list. (Yes, that's me.)
  • Unlimited access to all existing training PLUS access to any material yet to be created
  • A monthly "Coffee Talk with Rebecca" where up to 3 members can receive live coaching on a previously submitted question/scenario they are currently dealing with (Replays available - make time when you can!)
  • A monthly training call providing practical, easy-to-implement ideas you can use immediately in your work or home life (Replays available- make time when you can!)
  • Access to guest experts through monthly interviews (Replays available)
  • A community of honest, truth-telling women who will support your journey and love you like you belong to them
  • Access to Rebecca through the closed Facebook group - just tag her on any post to get her input!
  • A copy of the Groove Finder's Guides workbook

(No kidding: it's less than the cost of the ever-so-rare date night.)

So what is Groove School exactly?

The support you need, when you need it.

Groove School is an online group coaching program that provides the tools, resources, and support a busy, motivated, high-aspiring woman like you needs.

With Groove School, you’ll get the 3 primary things every woman seeking her groove needs…

A Loyal Pack of Women that will tell you the truth and have your back

These women are all striving for the same level of fulfillment that you’re chasing. (Plus, I don’t allow assholes in my group. If one sneaks in, I will promptly refund their money and kick their tail to the curb. We have enough of that negativity in our real lives. I will fiercely protect you and everyone in this group.)

Personalized Support no matter where are you in your personal/professional development journey

With our community Facbeook group, monthly coaching calls, live training, and guest experts, you will feel like everything you’re getting was custom-designed for you.

Practical, Easy-to-Implement Strategies that take your real life into account.

None of what you’ll find inside Groove School is untested.

Many days you already feel like you’re drinking from a fire-hose so the last thing you need to hear is a bunch of absurd, unrealistic advice.(Like, just move to Thailand! Everything is better in Thailand!)

You need simple. You need practical. You need flexible.

That’s what Groove School will give you. A slow, steady stream of professional/personal development.

Groove School is kind of like the Amazon of group coaching programs...

You have access to what you want, when you want it, the recommendations for resources and strategies will be customized for you, and you don't have to leave your house to enjoy its benefits.

Join TODAY for just $47 per month!

Here's What Others Are Saying...

“I was blown away in the first session and it keeps getting better each week!....”

"For starters, Rebecca is completely 100%, no bull-shit honest and raw about her experience, her triumphs and her struggles. She makes no promises that this will fix all your problems, you’ll make a million dollars, your skin will clear up, the sun will always shine, etc.

What does she do? She gets super real about the struggles we all face – even when we think we are alone in them or even when we can’t possibly see how we can relate to strangers in a group. She is inclusive, fired up, and uses her background and training to make it flow naturally and seem easy-peasy.

There are REAL breakthroughs happening every single week and I leave each session wanting the next one to come sooner.​"

- Entrepreneur and Fur Mama
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I am a very independent person. For a long time I didn't think any kind of coaching was for me."

"I had heard Rebecca speak on a few occasions and really liked her style. She was straight forward and real. She felt less like a coach telling me what to do and more like a friend giving it to me straight. Which is what an independent girl like me needed. As my family, business, and life grew, I knew a needed a little more help keeping it all balanced and yet continuing to grow.

Groove School was the perfect fit. Through working with Rebecca I have gotten the encouragement I needed to grow as a person, her respected knowledge and expertise that helped me better manage my business, and the permission to give myself grace when I needed it. If you are an independent gal like me, I highly recommended Groove School!”

- Home-Based Business Maven and Busy Mama

Join Today for just $47 per month!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“There is value in repeatedly discussing these thoughts and ideas.”

"Personal growth doesn’t happen after one or two discussions, or reading one book. It’s something that must be focused on, practiced, and repeated. Sharing that with a group or community builds excitement and makes it contagious.

I feel so moved and enriched after listening to and reading these materials and I’ve never thought so much about my own personal growth and development and how it could impact my whole life, not just one area. I feel validated knowing I’m not the only woman seeking out this type of self-improvement."

- Forum Participant

Rebecca Undem
Creator of Groove School

Hey girl, hey! I'm Rebecca!

I'm your resident Groove Finder and the Headmistress of Groove School. But in truth, I'm as much a pupil of this program as I am the teacher. (And you're lucky this is virtual so I can't slap your hand with a ruler.)

I'm a mom first (isn't that what we're supposed to say?) and while my kids and farming hubby really are my first priority, I have never been satisfied with the idea of pouring everything I have into only my home life.

It's hard to even write that, given it's not an overly popular thing to say out loud, as if wanting to achieve greatness for myself in my professional life somehow robs my sweet little family of the best of me.

And if you caught the use of the word "farming" to describe my husband, it should also be noted I happen to live 70 miles from the closest Target. I'm chasing my unconventional dream from a highly isolated, inconvenient location where the status quo is fiercely protected and people rarely do things that are too far outside the norm.

And yet I'm actively seeking my groove. Every. Single. Day.

​But the journey to get here wasn't easy. Even as a communication expert with over a decade of experience in working with companies to develop people, I struggled to put my own advice into practice in my rural hometown.

It all started with deciding to be truthful. With myself. Turns out, I was a bit of a pathological liar. Coming clean with my desires, my frustrations, and my fears was the first step.

The next step was listening to that truth and making adjustments to everything external to me. My work environment. The people I chose to surround myself with. The commitments I took on.

And lo and behold, I felt like a new woman. (Without the requirement to move away.)

No matter where you live, what you do, or what you've experienced in the past, your groove is waiting for you. You  just need to seek it.

Groove School will help you find it again.

I created Groove School to offer a real-life approach to becoming the best version of yourself you can be.

To recap, here are the benefits of Groove School again:

  • Unlimited heart and endless support for your journey from me, your resident Groove Finder
  • Anytime, "whenever it works for you" access to ALL the current training and future material
  • 2 live calls/month where we get real, honest, and down to business about what's holding you back in your personal and professional life
  • Guest experts' wisdom
  • Your very own lady wolf-pack
  • Growth. Guaranteed.

And all for just $47 per month...

How is This Different From Therapy?

Well, let me make myself abundantly clear: I am not a licensed clinical psychologist, social worker, or in any way certified in the medical or mental health field.

While a lot of what we'll address does tend to conjure up childhood crap (and no, it's not all your mother's fault) this does not constitute therapy.

If you are suffering from an actual mental health or medical condition I highly suggest you connect with a provider in that field.

I'm simply a woman with a God-given talent to listen to people without judgment and provide practical, actionable strategies that allow them to move the needle in their lives. And that's what you'll get in Groove School. No couches required.​

Can I Afford It?

Well, that’s not answer I can easily make for you but I will tell you this…I can’t think of a single monthly bill I pay that’s less than $50.


  • Cable (the hubs and I are a couple of the binge-watching variety, so yeah...we pay way more!)
  • Water
  • Electricity

Nope. They’re all over $50.

But, ok, just ask yourself this, where else can you get everything you need to grow yourself (your most important asset, I might add) for less than the cost of…

  • Getting "out of town" - gas is not cheap
  • A matinee movie date with your kids (if you order popcorn...if you don't order popcorn every time you go to the movies, I'm not sure we can even be friends)
  • An oil change
  • Your standard haircut and color (literally, one of the only forms of "pampering" you refuse to go without)

And you don't have to leave your house! Score!

The No-BS Truth

You can either continue to be underwhelmed with your life and overwhelmed with fear  OR you can put your money where your mouth is and treat yourself like you matter.

There's literally no part of your life that will be untouched by your commitment to investing in yourself.

But like with anything in life, you'll get out of Groove School what you choose to put in.

​I'm here to offer insights and powerful strategies to help you embrace "full-strength you", improve your relationships with others, and learn to bloom right where you're planted.

All you have to do is decide you're worth it.

Join Today for just $47 per month!o!