Live BIG in Your Hometown

Three hours of connection, laughter, and inspiration

You're feeling stagnant, resigned, and just a touch uninspired, but who can you talk to?

If you see one more ladies night social media post replete with cute, sparkly dresses, drinks with garnishes prettier than your dinner, and any post with #glam or #fabulous, you seriously might have a #mentalbreakdown. 

You're tired of the Thursday night home party disguised as wine night that's really a big sales pitch. (You don’t need any more plastic containers, thank-you-very-much.) You go to these parties anyway because you’re hungry for real connection with other women; as in, you want your relationship to be based on something other than the shared sport both your kids happen to play.  

You long for conversation that's about something other than the latest gossip rolling around Main Street.

Can you relate to any of the following? 

  • You wonder, “Is this really all there is?”  
  • When you do speak up or share a new idea, you question yourself, feeling unsure and full of doubt. 
  • You feel like a bit of a misfit in your community. 
  • You feel frustrated enough to consider moving.  

Imagine feeling connected, inspired, and fulfilled in your small town.

You know you who are and you feel powerful when you get to shine your light brightly, contributing your time and talents to causes and committees that fire you up.  

You have “people”—life-giving friendships who honor the real you, and don’t give a crap about your clothes, makeup, or handbag. These relationships transcend age, background, and circumstances; they’re grounded in shared interests. 

You’re excited to create connection and spark deep conversation without even traveling to another zip code.  

Imagine being surrounded by smart, supportive, and encouraging women, just like you, who want to talk about things that matter. You’re feeling more joy in your life again.  

Imagine feeling like you again—but better. 

You can live big in your small town.

I’m Rebecca Undem, a personal development coach who works with ambitious women in small towns who are tired of feeling limited by their zip code. I help them find their courage and confidence so that they can lead the change they want to see in their community.  

You and your community are worth fighting for.  

Live BIG in Your Town is a 3-hour live event where I visit your hometown to share the guide for living BIG no matter where you live or how you earn your living. 

With the Live BIG in Your Town experience, you’ll:

  • Finally get a chance to connect with like-minded women from your community and the surrounding area (only those who “get it” will buy a ticket) 
  • Engage in deep, meaningful conversation about inspiring ideas  
  • Dig deep into the ways you can personally and as a community of women show up for yourselves and for each other  
  • Experience the culture, connection and depth of a big-city event without leaving your town  

The Live BIG in Your Town experience includes: 

A one-hour inspirational talk offering a practical, simple concept and plan: Living BIG in your small town isn't just a catchy concept—it's a life strategy; 'B' stands for Bold, 'I' for Inspired, and 'G' for choosing Growth. Playing small will no longer be an option. Value: $3,500-$5,000  

A facilitated, interactive workshop: Real-world tips on how to navigate the politics and strongly-held belief systems that can make small towns challenging to navigate Value: $2,000  

A copy of my book, How Mommy Got Her Groove Back for each participant Value: $2,000  

Three super fun door prizes! Value: $300  

A fully developed marketing plan: No need to be a professional event planner! The plan includes everything you'll need to host this event, including a detailed time-based task list, customized fliers, email templates, and social media promotional plan. It's a done-for-you event! Value: $2,000  

Total Value: Up to $11,000

Your Actual Investment: $5,000-7,500 (range due to customization options)

Ask me about how to get sponsors to cover the cost! 

Let's Talk About Your Town!

You are not as crazy as you sometimes feel. You can lead the change you want to see in your small town.  

Are you ready to host a Live BIG experience in your town?  

Here’s how to get started.  

Step 1. Complete the form here with some details about your town Step 2. Within 24 hours of submitting your form, you’ll get an email from me with what to expect next. Step 3. We'll start planning your town's Live BIG event!  

Get ready to be the talk of the town! The good kind.

Have questions? Email me at or check out the FAQ below.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to be an event "host"?

A: The host is the lady with her boots on the ground in the community in which the event is to be held. They’re the event coordinator, ensuring the sponsorship dollars are secured and the event is properly promoted. The host is also the communication point person.

Q: Do you recommend an individual take this on or should it be coordinated by a group?

A: It's entirely up to you. There’s often strength in numbers, but if you're a get-stuff-done woman who just knows this is what her town needs, you can do it on your own because you won’t be alone; together, we’ll help make this a wildly successful event!

Q: What does an event like this cost?

A: We’ll work out a rate based on your location and how much you’d like to customize the event. (Most events come in at $6,500; ocassionally, they're $7,500.)

Q: How big does my town have to be?

A: An event like this can work in communities as small as 100 people, but because you'll be relying on business sponsorship to fund it, having a large enough business community is imperative.

Q: Can the event be customized?

A: Heavens, yes! Look. The goal is to make it easy for you but if you have a creative event-planner inside you and you want to add or remove any of the event elements, we’re game, sister! We know that each community has its own special vibe and we’ll do everything in our power to bring that uniqueness to the event!

Ready to live BIG in your town?

Let's Talk About Your Town!