About Rebecca

A born and raised North Dakota farm girl, returning to my small town to live was never my plan. When my family needed help with a new business, my husband and I abandoned our steady, secure jobs and the hustle, convenience, and civilization of a big city and moved back home.

Through my professional keynotes, coaching programs and my book How Mommy Got Her Groove Back™ I help working women find the peace amidst the chaos of running a hectic household and pursuing a meaningful career.

From the shiny floors of a corporate bank, to the acres of corn in a family owned pumpkin patch, to the classrooms of corporate training and using that talent at a multi-million dollar nonprofit agency, I know a thing or two about people and business. Now throw in carrying, birthing and raising babies, I also know about the journey of losing and finding my groove.

I call myself a Groove Finder because I know firsthand that finding your groove is not a one-time event. To find the fulfillment and confidence we get from having our groove, we have to constantly seek it. That’s why I created the Groove Seekers Community. The journey isn’t meant to be walked alone. Join us. (We’re like a club. A super fun club.)

I believe the only way to find and keep our groove is to find the courage to live on our terms, rather than based on what we think we’re supposed to do or what others want us to do.

I also know that can be a tricky feat for a woman juggling multiple priorities.

Let’s be real:  I still struggle to maintain my groove. I certainly don’t have it all figured out.

But my commitment is to share the best of what I’m continuing to put into practice every day to inspire you to live the life you want. And deserve.

Whenever I offer something new, I share it with the Groove Seekers first. So really, join us. It’s free and the peeps are cool.

So don’t expect perfection but do expect some serious doses of reality offered up in a colorful and playful package.  Unless you’re not a fan of having fun, then you may not like me at all.

I can’t wait to work with you.

To your groove,



Professional Biography

Rebecca Undem gained her chops as a people developer primarily through her partnership with an international talent management firm.  She has worked with hundreds of leaders of companies of various sizes and sectors to improve their bottom-line results by focusing on what really matters:  their people.  Through training and facilitating dialogue about leadership, communication, collaboration and customer service, Rebecca offers customized programs with actionable tactics that leadership teams can implement immediately.  Her professional work also includes extensive workforce development planning for non-profit organizations.

Her passionate and authentic delivery style is the perfect mix of heart and strategy that captures the minds, hearts and souls of her audiences.

Through her business, Rebecca offers speaking and consulting services, allowing her to inspire countless others with her message of transparency and heart-based leadership.  The business includes a blog where Rebecca offers practical advice to inspire growth, both professionally and personally.  She is excited to announce the release of her book How Mommy Got Her Groove Back™ which was released in September 2016.

Rebecca truly believes the best way to show up for others is by showing up for ourselves.  There is nothing like parenthood to remind us of that.  Her biggest champions and daily dose of reality are her 3 kiddos under the age of 8, Andrew, Carter, and Brynlee, along with her farmer husband, Jeremiah.  They simultaneously ground her and keep her from taking herself too seriously.  Rebecca and her family reside in Oakes, North Dakota, where her roots are the deepest and her heart belongs.