March 28, 2014

Say No To Mom Guilt

I absolutely love to hear stories from other moms or families about the daily crap we all struggle with. It not only makes me feel more normal, but I know it helps other moms out, too. I have a dear friend, who’s actually the husband in this relationship, and he shared the following story with me. I think it will resonate with all moms who attempt to juggle both work and home. (We may not […]
October 21, 2013

Playing Small Serves No One

This is a topic I feel wildly passionate about. In all the courses/programs I’ve trained and through all the people I’ve met, I’ve found this to be a unifying bond among us. I’d venture to say, especially among women. We just want to be affirmed. Validated. OK. I have seen this excerpt before, but it keeps showing up…which I take as a sign. A sign for me in my life and a sign that I […]