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August 18, 2016

Why We Can Never Stop Dreaming

It was spring of 2008 and I was struggling. I felt suffocated by a job that I had long ago realized wasn’t meant to be my path. The harder I tried to figure out what path I ought to be on, the more frustrated, aggravated and desperate I became. I began actively seeking answers and often turned to books as sources of enlightenment. It was around this time I was first introduced to The Dream […]
August 1, 2016
Sis Pic for Bobux 2

Product Review – Best Shoes for Kiddos

Occasionally, because I’m a blogger, I get asked to write product reviews. I don’t always get excited about this for two reasons: 1. I have a pretty solid idea of what I like/don’t like and even though I’m always game to try something new, I don’t like the idea of being “on the hook” for my opinion about things and 2. I worry people will think I’m being paid to offer it, thereby diluting any […]
July 28, 2016
Small Talk

Why You Should Make Small Talk Everywhere You Go

The humidity hung in the air like a greenhouse. My volume-less hair was sticking to the nape of my neck. Waiting out the rain at a baseball game with over two thousand other baseball fans required that I continually hold my daughter and my back was starting to ache. I had just ran back up to the concourse for the third time in one inning because the fickle weather simply could not make up her […]

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